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Red Bra Regatta Info Page

South Beach Yacht Club presents

The 11th Annual Red Bra Regatta!


DATE: September 23, 2023

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Skipper & Crew Board

Fill out the form – all fields are required.  Then scroll down to see who else has signed up – the regatta organizers are not making the introductions this year, so it’s going to be important that you reach out to anyone on the list that you may be interested in sailing with for the event.

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Monica Fine

I would describe my skill level as:

Intermediate - Moderate experience, but I want to learn a new position or get better at my current position.

My racing experience:

I was skipper two years ago I believe on Las Brisas and my Captain who taught me how to sail is Karima Cherif. I know this is a sail boat race and I am, first mate according to Captain Karima. I am the tack and steering specialist. I can also be in the galley when boat is moving. I can park boats and generally get it up to some of the fastest knots when allowed to drive.

I would like to learn to navigate more and possibly work with a spinnaker vessel and Las Brisas was a 1975 Cruiser and Karima did not have a Spinnaker on it. I can help clean the vessel (not keel).

I am a great teammate. Love the Red Bra Regatta. My captain sold the boat and moved to Florida
=( We sailed from Ballena bay in Alameda to the South Shore Harbor (in about 30 mins or less and I had the fastest knots at 8.

My availability for practice prior to the regatta is:

Depends I live in Santa Cruz now but have a awd truck.


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