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Monica Fine

I would describe my skill level as:

Intermediate - Moderate experience, but I want to learn a new position or get better at my current position.

My racing experience:

I was skipper two years ago I believe on Las Brisas and my Captain who taught me how to sail is Karima Cherif. I know this is a sail boat race and I am, first mate according to Captain Karima. I am the tack and steering specialist. I can also be in the galley when boat is moving. I can park boats and generally get it up to some of the fastest knots when allowed to drive.

I would like to learn to navigate more and possibly work with a spinnaker vessel and Las Brisas was a 1975 Cruiser and Karima did not have a Spinnaker on it. I can help clean the vessel (not keel).

I am a great teammate. Love the Red Bra Regatta. My captain sold the boat and moved to Florida
=( We sailed from Ballena bay in Alameda to the South Shore Harbor (in about 30 mins or less and I had the fastest knots at 8.

My availability for practice prior to the regatta is:

Depends I live in Santa Cruz now but have a awd truck.


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